Why eSchool@GarnetValley


Why eSchool?

The Garnet Valley School District understands that families in today's complex society need flexibility and options to meet their child's individual educational needs. We also understand that working with one of the top school districts in the country that has high quality, certified, innovative teachers is also important. To that end, in 2015, Garnet Valley expanded its existing educational offerings to include original credit, continuous learning courses, and accelerated and credit recovery options offered in online and blended learning formats throughout the school year and over the summer. Depending on the program, courses are open to all students in grades 3 through 12 regardless of geographic location, learning style, or background. Unlike other online and blended learning providers that utilize a canned digital curriculum, eSchool@GarnetValley leverages Garnet Valley curricula (the same that is used in our traditional face-to-face classrooms) that have been built and vetted by Garnet Valley teachers. 

Join hundreds of other students and families that have enjoyed the flexibility and personalization that eSchool@GarnetValley offers. Our program is authentic and student-centered with proven results. Experience your learning in new and better ways. Visit our enrollment page for more information on our registration requirements. 


Personal connections

Although online learning often eliminates social distractions like bullying, cliques, and social hierarchies, the potential for isolation ignites concern for many parents. While removing these obstacles can enhance the quality of learning for some students, socialization can prepare students to handle difficult situations in college and future jobs. It is with this understanding that Garnet Valley has built an eSchool Studio where students can come onto campus to complete work, socialize with other students, meet with their guidance counselor, or get help with coursework. All eSchool@GarnetValley students have the option to complete work at home, in any one of our school's newly redesigned libraries, or in our eSchool Studio.