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Keystone Test Prep


This Keystone Online Test Prep program provides an efficient and effective way to prepare for high-stakes exams and demonstrate college readiness. Includes ALL of the following Keystone courses: Algebra 1, Literature, and Biology. There is no teacher assigned to students, all work is completed asynchronously online. The program is build for Adaptive Remediation, meaning the program identifies and remediate gaps in prerequisite skills. 

Learn It, Try It, Review It, Test It — our  Adaptive Tutorials provide a unique instructional approach to build knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and deepen understanding. 

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Improve Course Pass Rates

Personalized learning paths, just-in-time remediation, and actionable data ensure all students are successful the first time.

Adaptive Remediation

Provide seamless support for students who either struggle with grade-level content or just want to practice their skills before the exam

Focus instruction: Tutorials identify and remediate gaps in prerequisite skills down to elementary-level content—from fractions and basic operations to text structures and word roots

Own the experience: Students choose their path to mastery

Get results: When more learning happens, achievement goes up