Non Garnet Valley Residents

The Garnet Valley School District has developed two flexible enrollment pathways for non-resident students interested in taking all or part of their online coursework through Garnet Valley’s innovative eSchool@GarnetValley program. Through this open campus initiative participants can choose the tuition option and take their course work in any course modality: traditional face-to-face, online, or blended; OR choose to take their course work online through a cooperating agreement between the participant’s home school district and the Garnet Valley School District. Please read below for more details on both options.


Tuition Option

The Garnet Valley School District will accept tuition students and students from non-Participant school districts into the open campus initiative program.  To learn more about the tuition rate and structure, please click here.

School district cooperating agreement

Garnet Valley understood the limitations and compulsiveness of some charter and cyber charts schools and knew it could provide a better educational experience for students, offer better flexibility for families, and do it with a better curriculum, better teachers, and at a substantially lower cost. Garnet Valley is now expanding this program to other school districts in the area through cooperating agreements. To learn more about cooperating agreements, please click here.