Garnet Valley Residents

Any student grades 6-12 who resides within the boundaries of the Garnet Valley School District can enroll in the eSchool@GarnetValley, including District students currently attending charter school and cyber charter schools. Non Garnet Valley residents who are interested in taking their courses through our eSchool@GarnetValley program should contact Mr. Samuel Mormando, Director of Technology, Innovation, and Online Learning.


Frequently Asked Questions

Online and blended learning is not new to education but it is new to many of our students and parents. To help navigate this new educational option and to answer many of the general questions parents often have, please click here.


Unlike other online and blended providers that utilize a canned digital curriculum, eSchool@GarnetValley leverages Garnet Valley curricula (the same that is used in our traditional face-to-face classrooms) that has been built and vetted by Garnet Valley teachers. Click here for more information.




Garnet Valley is very proud of the eSchool@GarnetValley program and its evolution over the past few years. We stand by our program and have had several faculty and School Board member’s children complete coursework through our program. Click here to see what others are saying about eSchool@GarnetValley.