Frequently asked questions

Q: Who can attend eSchool@GarnetValley?

A: Full-time students: Any student grades 6-12 who resides within the boundaries of the Garnet Valley School District can enroll in the eSchool@GarnetValley, including District students currently attending charter school and cyber charter schools. Non Garnet Valley residents who are interested in taking their courses through our eSchool@GarnetValley program should contact Mr. Samuel Mormando, Director of Technology, Innovation, and Online Learning. There are several options for non residents including tuition based enrollment and school district cooperating agreements. 

A: Non Resident Students: The Garnet Valley School District has developed two flexible enrollment pathways for non-resident students interested in taking all or part of their online coursework through Garnet Valley’s innovative eSchool@GarnetValley program. Through this open campus initiative participants can choose the tuition option and take their course work in any course modality: traditional face-to-face, online, or blended; OR choose to take their course work online through a cooperating agreement between the participant’s home school district and the Garnet Valley School District. Please click here for more details on both options.

A: Non-Credit Courses: Any student, regardless of location, can enroll in summer and continuous learning courses. 

A: Summer Opportunities: Any student, regardless of location, can enroll in summer and continuous learning courses. Non-Garnet Valley students should ensure that their home district accepts eSchool courses for credit before enrolling.

Q: How many online classes can a student take?

A: Students can tailor their education to fit their own needs, however, our guidance counselors can help map the correct path towards graduation for each student.

Q: Does a full-time eSchool@GarnetValley student graduate with an Garnet Valley School District diploma?

A: Yes! eSchool@GarnetValley students are part of the regular Garnet Valley School District academic program. All online courses meet the same high level of standard and rigor as traditional courses. The digital curriculum provided by Garnet Valley is an accredited learning solutions.

Q: Are eSchool courses NCAA approved?

A: Yes, all courses taken through eSchool@GarnetValley are NCAA approved.

Q: Who are the teachers?

A: All eSchool@GarnetValley teachers are highly qualified, certified, innovative Garnet Valley School District teachers. 

Q: How do students get help from their teachers?

A: Students interact with their teachers on a regular basis via email, through the communication section of their classes (audio/video virtual classroom), and during scheduled face-to-face times.

Q: Can students with an IEP attend eSchool@GarnetValley?

A: Yes, the same Special Education services are offered in eSchool@GarnetValley as in our regular brick and mortar schools.

Q: Do students get to meet with guidance counselors?

A: Yes. All eSchool@GarnetValley students have access to all counseling services. Students need only contact their counselor either through email or by telephone at 610-579-7772.

Q: Can a student work at his/her own pace?

A: Yes. An individualized program is created for each student so that they can set their own pace for success.

Q: Is there an attendance policy for eSchool@GarnetValley?

A: Yes, 22 PA. CODE CH. 11 sets forth the requirements for student attendance in public schools. Except as otherwise provided by law, compulsory school age is the period of a child’s life from the time the child enters school (which may be no later than at the age of 8 years), until the age of 17 or graduation from a high school, whichever occurs first. Students in any school (eSchool@GarnetValley included) must adhere to these minimum attendance requirements. All eSchool@GarnetValley students must complete 5 hours per week per class and/or stay on pace to meet their attendance requirements. Students will be marked absent from school for failure to meet these requirements.

Q: How is class work graded?

A: Grading is similar to a traditional school setting. The main difference is that classwork is submitted electronically through the class website and the teacher provides feedback electronically.

Q: Do eSchool@GarnetValley students take standardized tests?

A: Yes. All eSchool@GarnetValley students must take the same required standardized tests that traditional students take. eSchool@GarnetValley students will be scheduled to attend on-site exams.

Q: Will technical support be offered?

A: Yes, technical support is available to all eSchool@GarnetValley students using hardware provided by the District. The District can provide full-time eSchool@GarnetValley students with a laptop to use while enrolled in eSchool@GarnetValley if needed. Technical support is not provided for student's personal computers beyond software required to participate in classes.

Q: What are the technology requirements to attend eSchool@GarnetValley?

A: All online and blended learning courses are delivered through our web-based learning management system (Schoology). Minimal technical requirements will be necessary and any software needs are provided to the student as needed. Students MUST have their own access to the internet if working from home.